Breathing with Symmetry

$29.99 a month after 3-day free trial

Get access to all of our virtual breath classes OnDemand. You will get access to breath sessions to help you deal with stress, improve your health and performance, and even p;ut you into a deep meditative state.

  • How To + Quick Tips

    33 videos

    Find sessions to improve CO2 tolerance, bring clarity and focus, calm down in the moment, and improve your overall breathing. All of these videos are under ten minutes, some under five minutes.

  • Breathing for Health

    28 videos

    This class will discuss the importance of proper breathing and breath mechanics to improve your overall health. It will include a breath session and take-home exercises to improve your breathing. We will focus on increase lung capacity and function to help you manage your days with ease.

  • The Journey of Breath

    29 videos

    You will experience the power of the breath to change your mental and physical state. This exploration breath session will put you through a host of techniques to ramp your nervous system up and down. You will experience sensations you never would imagine your breath could produce and in the end...

  • Breathing through Stress

    30 videos

    This class will teach you a host of techniques to help you handle stress in a more productive manner. The class will include a breath session along with tools you can use outside of the class to help you with the stresses of everyday life. You will leave the class relaxed, ready to tackle whateve...